SD: Top Tanning Salons in Vancouver

No time for lying out on the beach, sweating on the balcony or tired of getting a half body tan from hanging out on your favourite patio? Almost all of our selections for top tanning salons have a mobile service that will spray you down right where you are or have a quick drop-in UV service with cool beats and all the aftercare you require.

Spa Utopia – Langley, North Vancouver, and Downtown


Known for their aloe-vera based St Tropez tanning products, the Spa Utopia is one of the most luxury locations for getting your tan on. A 15-minute treatment will set you back $62 but you won’t have to worry about premature aging and it can be made part of a spa day bundle.

Cocoa Tanning Studio in Yaletown


Cocoa uses UV tanning beds and stand-up booths for those who are not keen on spray tans. Using eco-friendly lamps, energy saving studio practices, and providing an mp3 player plug-in in the beds, keeps their sun-loving clients happy and coming back for the experience.

Kix Tanning in Kitsilano


Kix offers both UV tanning and spray tanning using DHA based products. DHA is derivative of sugar cane, so this is definitely the sweeter option of the two, but remember it takes 6-8 hours for the tan to appear. Definitely not a last minute spray tan option, so plan accordingly. A better option for special days when wearing white!

You Tan Studios in Yaletown

This organic spray tan is 100% vegan, all natural and gives you the coverage and depth of colour that you desire the first time. In their spray, the active ingredients include green tea, brown sugar and watermelon. Sounds like something to be enjoyed on the patio with a mojito and a plate of wings!

Babes About Beauty – mobile service

A mobile service that leaves you with a natural glowing skintone and uses a tanning solution that is vegan and cruelty free. These Babes are not just about Beauty but also fun. Schedule a spray tan get-together of 5 or more of your friends and receive a discount. Hmmm… sounds like a really good excuse to have your pale friends over for a spruce up and tasty treats.

Organic Tan – mobile service

Having a signature line of all-natural skin care, airbrush tanning formulas and aftercare products named SunnaTan, keeps clients of Organic Tan ‘in the glow’. Using uber-trendy coconut oil in their products keeps skin soft and supple. No time for a spray tan? Order their signature self-tanning lotions and sprays online.

Tan On The Run – mobile service


With locations all across Canada and the claim to fame of having spray tanned over 400 cast members of X-Men Apocalypse, Tan on the Run has celebrity-level experience. This company will come, not only to your home, but to your office, hotel, film set or wherever. No UV, paraben-free, organic and without odor.

When contacting any of our tanning service selections, always remember to ask the right questions about their products, how to prep your skin and what to expect afterwards. Some of the self-tanning sprays get darker as days go on and you don’t want to ‘get your money’s worth’ and end up on ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.

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Aesop Expanding to Kitsilano

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Upscale Australian skin care brand Aesop will open its second Vancouver location later this year in Vancouver’s Kitsilano area. It will be Aesop’s fourth freestanding Canadian location, with more expected to follow.

A temporary store is already open at the location West 4th Avenue is already operating and will close for commencement of construction once permits are granted. The store will measure 1,950 square feet, and will serve as the primary showroom and distribution hub for  Vancouver operations.

The company opened two Canadian locations this past July 2015. The Gastown store is a 615 square foot location at 19 Water Street and a 990 square foot store on Queen Street West in Toronto. In fall 2015, they added a Montreal location in Westmount and last Friday, a second Montreal location opened in on Montreal’s ‘Mile End‘. This rapid expansion is testament that Canadians are welcoming of Aesop’s products, services and philosophy.

Aesop builds beautiful stores

The company was founded in 1987 in Melbourne by hairdresser Dennis Paphitis. Product packaging is simple, and its quality is considered to be exceptional. It sources plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, and uses only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy. It operates free-standing ‘signature stores’ as well as wholesale operations in a variety of retailers, high-end department stores such as Holt Renfrew and Barneys New York. Canadian stockists include multiple  gravitypope locations, as well as a handful of smaller independents.

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