January 4, 2019:  OVO Robson. Crew love.

It is entirely plausible that it was a rather ordinary day when Aubrey Drake Graham met Oliver El-Khatib amongst the racks of a popular Toronto boutique. Perhaps it was not unlike the day that film writers Nick Frost and Simon Pegg met in a Mexican restaurant in North London—or any other chance meeting resulting in a bromance that changed not only two lives, but millions of them.

May 25, 2018: Raif Adelberg’s Her_Man

For Raif Adelberg, every collection of luxury streetwear labelled Her_Man is dedicated to the nomads and rule-breakers who find themselves thirsting for art, design, and truth—elements of life he feels are being eroded given our lived-online existence and blind, unquestioning fervor for consumption…

April 10, 2018: Off-White Vancouver: Leading Trends:|
Tucked out of sight on Eihu Lane, an alleyway located just steps away from Vancouver’s tony Alberni Street addresses, the doors to luxury streetwear brand Off-White were unlocked quietly at 11 a.m. on April 5, 2018. The late arrival of a single handrail delayed one of the most talked-about retail launches in recent memory; initial whispers of Virgil Abloh’s third North American mono-store began making their rounds through Granville Street sneaker lineups in mid-2016…